A driver and her three passengers had a lucky escape from this extremely tight squeeze when their luxury 4x4 plunged sideways into a tiny basement gap.

The accident happened in central London when the motorist lost control of the new £80,000 Range Rover Sport.

It ploughed through railings at the junction of Fitzroy Square and Fitzroy Street and fell into a 14ft drop early on Sunday, according to a report in Mail Online.

Amazingly, although the car, which didn't even have 500 miles on its clock, was written off, none of the people in it were hurt.

Passer-by Farook Rahman was quoted in the report as saying: "I noticed the railing was smashed and there were some skid marks on the pavement, so I went over for a look.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw this posh car stuck at the bottom. That would either take a lot of skill or bad luck to land a huge car down there.

"I spoke to one of the neighbours who said the car had four girls in it and they were all right, which in itself is a miracle.

"I've never seen anything like that before."

The car, which ended up with a squashed and scratched roof plus broken and cracked windows, was later lifted out by crane and the accident scene was boarded up to prevent pedestrians falling down the gap.

Police said it was not a matter for them to investigate.