We all know how painful the cost of fuel is these days. But here's a rare case where motorists are winning on the cash front: According to the AA, motorists using faulty petrol pumps could be getting up to 4.4% more fuel than they have paid for.

Inaccurate counters on pumps at petrol stations mean drivers are benefitting, reported BBC News, after the AA tested pumps following member concerns that were not getting enough petrol.

In fact, it turns out, that all nozzles tested dispensed at least the right amount with many giving more fuel. The breakdown organisation said this sometimes amounted to a 6p-a-litre gift to drivers at a time of high fuel prices.

It added that Trading Standards officers had found discrepancies at 11 of 216 sites in Derby and four of 38 sites in Cumbria.

The UK has a mix of ageing and new pumps at service stations but an EU ruling will force garages to upgrade pumps to meet the Measuring Instruments Directive by the end of October 2016.

"Some drivers have been benefiting from a lucky dip at the pumps, getting more fuel than they pay for," AA president Edmund King said.

"Crippling pump prices" had produced desperation among poorer drivers, he added."Petrol this week averaged 134.17p a litre - two years ago, it was 116.60p.
"Inevitably, some motorists are watching their gauges like hawks and complaining to Trading Standards."