Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Drivers fined after 'being sent into bus lane' to avoid charity road race

Bus lane

Motorists in Glasgow have spoken of their shock and anger after being fined for driving in a bus lane, despite being directed to do so by Great Scottish Run officials.

Almost 700 £30 fines were issued during the charity run in 2012, as the city's traffic enforcement cameras snapped a barrage of motorists. According to a Freedom of Information request, £20,550 was generated from bus lane fines in that day.

Nigel Cameron, 35, told The Mirror: "A steward was directing traffic into the bus lane so everyone was going that way.

"A couple of weeks later I received the charge notice from the council."

He refused to settle the £30 fine – that doubles to £60 if it is not paid within 14 days – and instead opted to appeal.

"I appealed but it was rejected. After speaking to a colleague they suggested submitting a freedom of information request," Mr Cameron told The Mirror.

"The results were alarming and the amount of money taken in by the council on that one day was over £20,000 due to someone directing traffic down the bus lane.

"I eventually won my appeal but what about the other motorists who had enforcements that day?"

Motorists in Glasgow have already accused the council of using traffic enforcement cameras to generate revenue rather than improve traffic flow and this case has further angered residents.

A city council statement told The Mirror: "The adjudicator stated the circumstances of this case are unique."

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