Friday, 12 April 2013

Florida woman escapes heavy-duty engine falling onto car

Florida woman escapes heavy-duty engine falling onto car

A Florida woman is lucky to be alive after an enormous engine fell off a passing lorry directly onto her car.

The woman - whose name has not been released - was driving on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami when an oversized articulated lorry carrying enormous industrial engines attempted to drive underneath a bridge next to her.
The lorry failed to clear the overpass and two of the engines were forced onto the road, with one landing directly onto the driver's side of the woman's Honda Accord.

The Accord attempted to avoid the falling engine by swerving but failed, and to make matters worse, crashed into the car in front.

Even though the engine fell onto the driver's side of the Honda, the driver was not injured. Miami police believe the secret to the driver's survival was down to her quick thinking as she slid across to the passenger seat just before the giant engine struck the car.

The truck driver also escaped with no injuries, as did the driver of the car rear-ended by the Honda Accord.

Authorities have not yet said whether the lorry driver, whose name was also not released, will face any charges.

Local news website WPLG reported there are no clearance warning signs posted on either side of the overpass

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