Monday, 8 April 2013

Britain's most exclusive parking space goes up for sale

Britain's most exclusive parking space goes up for sale

The parking space costs more than a three-bedroom house in Yorkshire but well-heeled opera fans surely won't be concerned about such trivial matters as this spot is in one of the most exclusive areas in the country.

An estate agency in Knightsbridge is offering an extremely rare parking space that sits right near the Royal Albert Hall in London's affluent SW7 postcode.

The space is said to be large enough for two medium sized cars but agents WA Ellis are quick to point out that it could also "easily accommodate a Rolls-Royce".

Spokespeople for the agents are maintaining that the six-figure sum is reasonable for a parking spot of this nature, even though the prospective buyer only pays for an 84-year lease rather than owning it outright.

The firm's Robert Lewis, who is selling it, revealed to the Daily Mail that the space would cost a lot more if it were nearer Harrods.

He said: "We generally see garages come on the market for between £180,000 and £275,000.

"A lot of people have townhouses and flats that are Victorian and don't have parking, and people don't want to park their Ferraris in the street; this is a secure underground car park."

He added: "It can also be beneficial for people's insurance and if you were selling a house nearby you could sell it "with parking".

"The garages and spaces we sell near Harrods can sell for a lot more, you often see Bugatti Veyrons parked in there.

"There isn't a lot of parking in central London so people like to know they have always got a space."

The parking space price tag is likely to make most people wince - considering the average house price in the UK is currently £162,638 - but homeowners in the City of Westminster fork out a wallet-busting £1,278,787 on average.

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