Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Recent Passes

A proud Adrian Claws with Examiner Terry Friday
Last Sunday our Chairman Linda Davies was pleased to present certificates to number of associates for passing their Advanced Driving test and observers for passing their qualified  observers test. 

Passing their observers test were David Cooper and Mark Lanario who both looked pleased as punch collecting their certificates 

Every three Years all our observers compete a re-fresher course followed by a re-test by a senior observer. David Ibbott who was presented with his certificate says "it's nice to know I've not lost my touch, but it's thanks to the associates that I've got this certificate because I've be practicing on your predecessors for the last 25 years." David wished the associates an enjoyable course and a successful test at the end.  

Congratulations to David Ibbott, David Cooper and Mark Lanario for passing their observers test with David (Cooper) and Mark becoming Qualified Observers to the Mid-Kent Group. 

Linda Davies went on to present certificates to associates, RoseMarie Sandford and  Adrian Caws who after completing the course are now fully fledged members of the IAM. Adrian was particularly proud the day he passed and thanked the observer team (read his thank-you letter here). His examiner, Terry Friday attended lasts weeks presentation and was also pleased with the standard of Adrian's driving and the standard our observer and lecture teams set. Linda Davies added "It's always a pleasure handing out certificates. Congratulations to RoseMarie Sandford and to our observers David Ibbott, David Cooper and Mark Lanario"

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