Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Furious motorist fires car off back of tow truck

Motorist drives car off lorry
It's sod's law: you come back to your car the second a parking warden is watching it being loaded onto the back of a lorry. Game over. However, the driver in the clip below wasn't quite ready to watch his Vauxhall Astra being towed into the distance at this stage.

Instead, the furious motorist, who had parked illegally in Walthamstow, east London, clambered onto the back of the lorry, jumped into the driver's seat of his car, revved the engine and launched it off the back of the flatbed. In reverse.

Dropping around three feet to the ground the car lands with a clunk but seems to survive intact, bar a slightly battered exhaust. The driver then reversed off, as the Waltham Forest Council parking attendant who was filming the footage, watched on, no doubt stunned by what they had just seen.

A passerby said "'There was an almighty crash as he dropped about three feet to the ground - I would think that whatever money he saved on the parking ticket, he'll have to pay to get his exhaust repaired."

The parking firm reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police though the police have said the matter is a "civil dispute". Waltham Forest Council has since been unable to trace the driver.

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