Monday, 16 June 2014

Van driver fined for pulling into bus lane to let police pass

INS News Agency

He thought he was doing his public duty by helping the law, but van driver Daniel Wiggins was slapped on the wrists to the tune of £500 for driving in a bus lane.

Earlier this year, Wiggins, of Surbiton, south-west London, was driving his Peugeot Expert van through when he saw five police motorcyclists behind him.

CCTV images show Wiggins straying into a bus lane to allow the policemen to pass – but little did he know that action would cost him £512, money that he had saved to pay for a holiday, and his van being clamped weeks later.

Photos were allegedly posted to the driver and he was duly fined for entering in the bus lane. But he didn't receive the pictures in the post and his van was later clamped.

Wiggins said "What was I supposed to do? Not let the police through? It's all a complete joke."

It was originally looking bad for Wiggins as Kingston Council told him he could not appeal as he was too late to do so. However, the council has now refunded the fine.

It has been revealed that UK drivers are now paying £135million a year to offences caught on spy cameras in bus lanes and box junctions.

Motoring groups argue that the figure, which is up 20 per cent on the previous year, proves that councils are targeting drivers to balance budgets and top up coffers.

Just last week, roads minister Robert Goodwill revealed his intentions to curb the amount of CCTV cars that issue parking fines in order to stop their widespread abuse. But, he stated that CCTV should remain in use to enforce areas around schools, in bus lanes, at bus stops and on red routes

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