Monday, 30 June 2014

DVLA issues 64 plate ban

DVLA Office in Oxford

The new 64 plate registrations are not out until September but that hasn't stopped the DVLA from announcing the plates that will be banned – OH64LLS.

Banned plates include some of the more risqué combinations drivers might want, including VA64AZL (vajazzle) and DO64GER (dogger).

We can only imagine the meeting that took place to decide the number plates that would make it onto the list - the DVLA's blushing propriety group sat around a large table discussing if gems on your downstairs region is really appropriate content for a number plate, we hope.

The group decides the registrations deemed too offensive or rude and removes them from sale - this time round 120 have been identified, the Sunday Times reports.

The 64 can be read as a "G" or "A" as well as "GA", "GH", "GE" and "BA". This allows those creative types to make words such as "balls" or "huge". Unfortunately for the cruder drivers out there, many of these combinations have been banned.

This means those wishing to make a statement about their lack of or excess of endowment will be unable to do so. For example, NO64LLS (no balls) has been withdrawn from sale.

Even if Mr Boombastic himself was looking for a new registration, he'll surely be disappointed to find out that SH64GGY (Shaggy) has also been banned.

Luckily, some of the number plates you've been desperate for will be offered for sale. Wedding cars everywhere will be bidding for EN64GED (engaged), plus those popular words RE64TTA (regatta) and MC64RRY (McGarry) will also be available

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