Friday, 9 May 2014

Star-shaped road marking sparks chaos

A bizarre star-shaped road marking at the junction of Gale Street, Rugby Road and Ivy House Road in Dagenham, Essex, has been removed after road users complained that it was "confusing" and "distracting".

The bright yellow 12-point daubing was initially placed on the busy junction by DIY Porter's Lodge - a local community led street redesign project – with an aim to slow traffic down and draw driver's attention to the problem hotspot.

Funding was provided by Transport for London through the Barking and Dagenham Council's Local Implementation funding programme.

According to the team behind the project, the star was painted on Friday May 2 but was removed just a few days later following complaints from road users. The local council soon replaced it with conventional junction markings.

Rex Features

"Regular users of this junction will know who has the right of way - that's if it's still as it was before - but others won't know. The general consensus on my news feed is that no one has got a clue!" one Facebook user said on Barking and Dagenham Post's Facebook page.

A spokesperson from the DIY Porter's Lodge project said: "In the designs that were taken to all the other community meetings with residents and discussions with the Council Highways department, the star developed as a great way to slow down traffic.

"The star is designed to increase drivers' awareness of the surroundings and to slow traffic speeds. Because it is non-standard, unfamiliar and allows pedestrians and cyclists to gain confidence when crossing to the park and shops it achieves the aim of slowing down traffic."

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