Monday, 26 May 2014

Mid Kent Group's AGM

Last week members of the Mid Kent Group of Advanced Motorists attended their AGM. Chairman Linda Davies opened the meeting with her report on the progress the group has made over the past 12 months. Linda started by informing the group that our pass rate stands at 88%, 2% above the national average. Linda thanked all the observers for their time and efforts given to the group and to the associates.

Linda Davies (centre) thanked Pam Medlock (left) and
Sally Anne Clark (right) who will be leaving the group soon. 
Linda's report included successes and thanks with the Outside Events team - attending many events around the Mid Kent area, including Bearsted Classic Car event, Kent Police Open Day and the Kent County Show amongst many Phil Mason, Alan Rowe and the team has attend. Success and thanks to Mike Cranfield who organises the Skid Pan courses. Thanks goes to Max Power who organises the social events for the group, including a Trip to the Dogs, Annual Dinner and the Christmas Quiz. Their has been very good attendances to many of the events. The group's magazine gets better, explains Linda who gave thanks to Magazine Editor Margaret Robertson.  The groups social media outlets slowly gains momentum, with increased followers and visitors to Twitter, Facebook and this very blog. Thanks went out to Graham Aylard for his efforts and also for the design of the new website. Linda explained that in just a few weeks, over 3000 visitors visited the new site.

Linda presented Daren Bubb with a gift for his wife Debbie as thanks during the recent merge with the East Kent group. Daren had dedicated many hours at the expense of family life to complete the marge between the two groups.

Linda explained that the groups have now completed the merge and we will continued to be called the Mid Kent Group, certainly for the time being.

Linda finished her report by giving thanks and a special gift to Val and Max Power for all their assistants to the Chairman throughout the year. plus two people leave us soon, Pam Medlock and Sally Anne Clark. Special thanks to these lovely ladies for their time and efforts for many years with the group.

Linda completed the report and the formalities of votes, Mick Cranfield stands down from the committee and Linda welcomed Alan Billington to the committee. No other changes made. Linda handed the stage to Treasurer Daren Bubb, who presented to the group the years accounts and balance book. Daren’s energy and presentation is informative and entertaining explaining the group has a very healthy balance.


The chairman Linda Davies presented a number of awards this evening. The Stan Hawkins award went to Graham Aylard for his time and efforts with the social media sites and for the efforts made for the new designed website. Well done Graham.

The Chairmans award was a difficult decision to make between two people this year, so Linda decided to award two this year. The first went to Mick Cranfield for his efforts with organising the Skid Pan sessions. The second goes to Daren Bubb for keeping the books balanced and his time during the group merger.

David Ibbott presenting a special thanks to
Chairman Linda Davies for all her work for the
Mid Kent Group.
Linda went on to explain one award that was missed last year. 30 years service to the Mid Kent Group goes to John Bowman. John was presented with a special certificate and thanks from Linda for all the hard work John has done for the group.

Before the evening moved on to our guest speaker, David Ibbott hijacked the stage to give thanks and recognition to the Chairman on behalf of the group for her efforts towards the group. Linda was certainly surprised to receive a gift of thanks from the group.

The evening moved on to our special guest Detective Superintendent Nicky Kiell, Head of Forensics for Kent and Essex Serious Crime and Mak Walsh, Principle Crime Scene Co-Ordinator, who both explained some if the tasks faced with Forensic work within the police. The comparison between US TV series 'CSI Miami' and 'CSI Kent' was certainly entertaining.

The official AGM minutes will be released in due course. Keep an eye on our website news page for the release.
Graham Aylard receiving the Stan Hawkins Award

Mick Cranfield receiving one of the Chairmans Award

Daren Bubb receiving the second Chairmans award

John Bowman receiving his 30 years of service to the Mid Kent Group certificate 

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