Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Novice driver caught speeding during lesson with AA

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A learner driver has been fined after being caught speeding while out on a driving lesson.

Seventeen-year-old Stacie Ralphes was caught driving at 36mph in a 30mph zone in the Weymouth area, while receiving tuition from the AA driving school.

The student, who only has 12 hours driving experience under her belt, was initially angered to find that she was liable for the offence.

"I was shocked to find that the notification was in my name. I thought the driving instructor would have made sure that speeding didn't happen as that's what they are there for," she said  "I was angry and frustrated. I understand that I was partially responsible but I felt as a learner driver who has just started, I've been learning to deal with everything else involved in driving."

As an alternative to the three penalty points normally received for such speeding offences, Stacie was offered the chance to attend a driver awareness course, which she accepted.

She added: "I've lost my confidence when driving through this. It has been a big setback."

Her mother, Beverley is now calling on the AA to ensure learner drivers are fully aware that they are liable for traffic offences that occur during lessons.

"I find it incredible that after 12 hours of driving my daughter could be solely responsible for this," she said.

Stacie has since resumed her driving lessons with another driving school.

The AA driving school offered to pay Stacie's £110 driver awareness course fee as a gesture of goodwill.

However, it reiterated the law relating to driving offences, which states that drivers are liable for penalties arising from traffic offences, even if they are a learner, and that it is illegal for anyone other than the driver to accept a penalty

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