Friday, 28 February 2014

Dorset Council claims 'wonky' road lines were painted on purpose (01202 558833)
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At first glance it would appear the worker who painted these wonky white lines might have had one too many in the pub.

Rather than the normal straight white lines running down the centre of the road, drivers are facing weird winding markings that wiggle down the carriageway.

They have been baffling motorists since they appeared on a street in Wimborne, Dorset.

But road chiefs insist they are deliberate, forming part of a bizarre calming measure aimed at slowing down traffic in a notorious rat run by forcing drivers to follow a curving course.

Motorists have been left scratching their heads over a set of 'wonky' centre lines that have been painted on a busy road in Wimborne, Dorset.
The wobbly lines that travel arrow-straight, in the typical fashion, through the East Borough area of the town, suddenly veer off into the opposite side of the road but the local councils insists it is deliberate.

Jennifer Carpenter, a community carer, was left completely bemused when she drove past the askew lines on her way to work.

She said: "It just struck me as really funny when I saw the lines.,"   "It's ludicrous. The road is a bit of a rat run anyway, particularly in the mornings, and there is always people driving along it, so I think there's going to be quite a lot of confusion.

"I can't logically explain how this has happened. It just makes the road narrower on the other side. It's crazy."

But Adrian Norcombe, construction manager for Dorset County Council's highways, said that the lines were meant to be there a device to slow drivers down.

"This road has recently been resurfaced as part of the defects programme,"

"The white lines that have been put down are replicating what was on the road before we resurfaced.

"We take detailed measurements of the existing markings to ensure that parking bays et cetera are reinstated in the correct legal positions.

"These markings were installed as part of a traffic engineering scheme which was carried out in 2007 when the road was restricted to 20mph.

"Our team have had a number of residents thank them for reinstating the curve as it helps to slow down traffic in a road that was previously considered a rat run."

But some resident aren't convinced. Driver Andy White, 28 said "I thought the person who painted them must have been drunk.

"If you stand at one end of the road and look down it the straight line in the middle goes off all over the place.

"If it is part of a traffic calming scheme then it has left me baffled."

Despite what the council claims, one reader posted on their site: "And as if by magic the lines this morning (Friday) have been repainted and we now have a straight line in the middle of the road... Simple wasn't it?"

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