Monday, 10 February 2014

Don’t drive so close to me


There are fewer things in life more unsettling than being confronted with an aggressive driver. While some of us are better prepared for this than others, there's no easy way to know how it's best to deal with this kind of conflict.

Most irritating manoeuvres made by other drivers are unintentional. Don't take your frustration out by making offensive gestures, beeping your horn or flashing your lights.

Road works and bottle necking causes delays. Make sure you signal in plenty of time, other drivers will usually let you in. Try and show goodwill and let other drivers pass through. It's polite and it won't cost you journey time by letting a car go in front of you.

Set an example to others. Give way at busy junctions or where traffic lanes merge. Wherever there are merging lanes, join in turn.

Don't respond to somebody else's bad behaviour by accelerating, braking or swerving suddenly. As well as winding up other drivers, you reduce your own car control. 

We all make mistakes when we're driving, so try and cut people some slack when they do so. Road rage doesn't improve the situation, and puts you, your passengers, and other road users around you at risk.

The best thing is to stay calm and continue to drive sensibly so as not to make the situation any worse.

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