Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekend Test Passes Presentations

This weeks passes go to Shaun Loader and Steven Williams who recently passed their Advanced Motorist Test. Congratulations to the both of them.  Shaun has opted to become an observer with the Mid-Kent Group. He has started his training this week. Goodluck to Shaun for the coming months. 

Shaun Loader and Steven Williams.

All our observers go through re-training ever three years to continue the standard set not only by the IAM but also our own group.  Alan Rowe and Guy Pettit has recently passed their 3 year observer re-test. Congratulation to both of them. The pair took the observers course together. Although Alan pointed out that Guy is young enough to be Alan’s grandson, Guy confirmed that Alan is really a young ‘whipper snapper’ at heart.

Alan Rowe, Trevor Bridges and Gut Pettit receiving their observer pass certificates
Trevor Bridges took on the new National Observers course for his re-test, and passed.  Congratulations to Trevor. 


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