Friday, 16 August 2013

Nottingham road racks up £240,000 in fines in just four weeks

Nottingham road racks up £240,000 in fines in just four weeks

A new road restriction that has been enforced along a busy route outside of Nottingham's main station has netted the council a whopping £241,380 since July 15.

Car and taxi drivers have been warned that they can longer turn into Station Street from London Road while work takes place at Nottingham Station with CCTV monitoring and recording any motorists who break the restrictions.

Three road signs are in place to warn of the restriction but 4,023 fines of £60 each have been issued by the city council since it has been enforced, angering residents and local taxi drivers.

A council spokesman told This Is Nottingham: "When the turning ban was put in place at the end of June, we sent out warning notices rather than give fines for the first two weeks to give drivers using the route fair notice.

"Since this warning period, we have enforced the restriction through penalty-charge notices."

But local taxi drivers are frustrated at both the fines imposed and the adverse affect the new restrictions have had on the flow of traffic.

Mohammed Mahirban said: "It gets really busy from the roundabout at the end of London Road because of it. This is especially so on Fridays."

Another taxi driver, Mike Eccles, said: "I can understand why they are doing it while the station is closed.

"But I don't see the need to do so after that. It is going to lead to lots of people getting fined."

According to This is Nottingham, the council insists that the money from the fines will be put back into transport projects, but it was unable to give details of exactly how it would be spent

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