Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hot spell melts M25

Recent hot spell melts M25

The sun has been beaming down, the barbecues have been rolled out and the nation has been enjoying an injection of vitamin D. Unless, of course, you've been stuck in a traffic jam.

Temperatures reached 31.4C in places at the weekend and as a result, Sunday saw one of the country's busiest roads closed.

The surface of the M25 melted, bringing chaos to the thousands of commuters and holidaymakers heading to the coast to enjoy the sunshine.

Police were forced to close the clockwise carriageway, "due to severe damage to the road surface".

Emergency repair crews were dispatched to junction 23, near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire where they worked through the night to lay down a new surface. The Highways Agency warned commuters that they could face continued jams and slow moving traffic as the stretch of damaged carriageway required further attention.

Motorists reported a ridge forming in the road as the M25 sizzled yesterday while others spoke of cars "ploughing into" the melted road surface.

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency said: "It is too early to say exactly what caused the road to deteriorate in such a manner but right now the top priority is to complete the resurfacing work, which is at an advanced stage, so that the M25 can be re-opened."

It wasn't just the M25 that was giving up the ghost under such extreme temperatures, lorries were sent out to spread crushed rock dust on the melting tar surface of A48 in Wales too.

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