Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thousands of drivers waiting for correct tax discs from DVLA

Thousands of drivers waiting for correct tax discs from DVLA

The personalised number plate market is big business for the motor industry – but it seems demand is outstripping tax disc supply.

Drivers who have switched their car's number plate with a cherished one are finding they cannot display the matching tax disc due to the DVLA's processing system.

The agency is now telling drivers: Display your old tax disc – despite their cars clearly displaying their personalised number plates and not matching their tax discs.

The planned closure of local DVLA offices right across the UK by the end of this year is the reason for the situation. Previously cherished number plate applications were dealt with at a local level, but are now being shipped to the DVLA's head office in Swansea.

Motorists are now receiving their new V5C registration certificates before their new tax disc displaying their personalised registration.

Notices have been put up in DVLA local offices stating: "If you get your registration certificate (V5C) before your tax disc, you can still legally drive your car and display the new registration plates. Your tax disc will arrive shortly afterwards."

It's widely known that if a car's number plate does not match the tax disc on display, the driver is breaking the law. But the DVLA says that in this instance, motorists will not be committing an offence.

A DVLA spokesperson confirmed the news, exclusively telling AOL Cars: "We are advising customers who are changing their car's number plate to a personalised one and have received a new V5C but not their new tax disc to carry on displaying their old tax disc.

"The two different number plates will match our records and motorists will not be penalised."

According to the spokesperson, a bulletin has been issued to all police forces informing them of the situation

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