Tuesday, 2 April 2013

8,000 motorists avoid driving ban

8,000 motorists avoid driving ban

Anger, frustration and dread: a cocktail of emotions experienced by any driver who has been flashed unexpectedly by an unseen speed camera. For drivers with nine points or more, that flash is accompanied by the very real prospect of losing your driving licence.

Well, not necessarily, according to the latest figures from the DVLA, which show that 8,000 drivers who have reached the 12-point threshold, are still driving around perfectly legally, having escaped a ban in court.
That equates to 9% of motorists who are eligible to be banned. Courts can use driving bans at their discretion and often choose not to if the driver can prove that the loss of their licence would cause them "exceptional hardship".

It seems that narrowly escaping a ban doesn't mean drivers are learning their lesson. The Sun newspaper reported one Cheshire driver who is still on the road despite having racked up an incredible 36 points on their licence.

Other reasons for drivers escaping with their licences intact include poor communication between the courts and the DVLA. In total, over 3.3 million motorists hold a licence with endorsements.

Reacting to the news, Peter Rodger, of road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists, warned: "If everyone thinks this is what happens, then the respect for the rules of the road will be removed."

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