Woman gets hand caught in glovebox; phones fire brigade 

When you think about it, firemen (and women) have to put up with a lot of strange call-outs. Cats stuck up trees, people trapped in lifts, children getting heads stuck between railings – the list goes on.

Who knows what the Stockport crew must have thought upon arriving at a scene on Sunday, then – as a woman found herself trapped in, of all things, her car's glovebox.

Trying to retrieve something from her car, which was parked outside her home, the 49-year old somehow managed to become stuck – with the glovebox refusing to let go of her arm.

After attempts by a nearby man failed to free her, it was decided that there was no choice other than to call 999 – much to the pair's embarrassment, we can imagine.

"She wasn't able to move her hand - either to push it in or pull it out," said crew manager Stewart Hall.

"There was a man there with her and he tried for a long time to no avail so they had no other option but to call us."

The fire brigade was eventually able to free the woman – removing her watch and enabling her to slide her hand out.

"As soon as the watch came off it was fine, they were a little embarrassed as we were a last resort. But if someone is stuck they are stuck, they can't stay there all night.

"We don't train for something exactly like this but we will always be able get get people free somehow."

It's not known how her hand became stuck in the glovebox, nor the particular car involved. Still, we can bet she'll be keeping her boiled sweets in a different place from now on.