Monday, 18 March 2013

We’re all going on a Easter holiday

The Easter break is a great time to brush the cobwebs off your old camping gear and take the family away for a long weekend in the UK. This year, I suspect, regardless of the mid-winter climate, will be no different.

If you're driving somewhere nice this Easter to indulge in a spot of egg rolling and family feuding over whose fault it was that the Easter eggs were left next to the heater, consider taking some time to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the trip.

At any time of year it is important that you check that all of your lights are working. You should also ensure that your tyre pressure is correct and that they have enough tread – particularly since you are likely to be facing some post-April-showers damp road surfaces.

What better time to give your car a spring clean? The grains of salt which have been spread on the roads over the winter period will inevitably have made their way onto your vehicle like tiny corrosive stowaways. Leaving a salt build-up can be damaging to your car, causing rust to appear. It may be worth taking your vehicle to a car wash which specialises in under-car cleaning.

When packing your vehicle for your expedition, try to carry as little unnecessary weight as possible as this will increase your fuel consumption – do you really need that 15th pair of shoes? Pack your things as compactly as possible; making sure that nothing obstructs your view through the rear window.

On your cross-country drive you are bound to get flies and other insects dive-bombing your car, which will make a sticky mess and can leave the windscreen smeary and difficult to see through. Make sure your washer fluid is topped up before you leave, and give the windscreen and headlamps a quick clean when you stop for fuel.

If you're taking the kids with you, it's worth gathering up some tools to keep them occupied during the long periods spent on the road, in which you will need to concentrate, and they will need to be entertained. Portable DVD players and cordless games consoles are perfect, but don't forget the headphones as the Super Mario Brothers tune may start to grate after an hour or two.

If you feel your eyelids getting heavy whilst driving, it's likely that opening a window or turning the radio up will not cut it. Pull over somewhere suitable and safe, drink some strong coffee, and have a 20 minute nap while the caffeine takes effect. Sharing the driving is also a great option, if possible.

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