AA chief's car wrecked by 'sorry state' of Britain's roads

The AA's president had to call out ONE OF HIS OWN VANS after potholes completely wrecked his Mercedes-Benz.

This comes just days after he addressed the media, saying, "Potholes are popping up faster than daffodils."

Edmund King was filling up with fuel at a Morrisons garage near St Albans, Hertfordshire, when he heard a "sudden whoosh" sound.

Mr King said, "I was just filling up when I heard a really loud sound. I just assumed it was the car wash or the air pump, and carried on filling up with fuel.

"I saw the cashier in the garage was looking at my car but I didn't realise where the sound had come from until I walked around the front and noticed the body was touching the wheels. The front of the car was resting on the tyres"

Mr King now joins the growing ranks of motorists left out of pocket after hitting potholes in Britain. In a recent survey over one third of motorists said their car had suffered damage from potholes in the last two years.

"It was a relief it happened while I was stopped and not driving," said Mr King. "When the car drops like that you can't steer left or right, only go straight ahead, and it would have caused more damage."

However that relief was short lived, as he has had to pay for the repairs himself. A Mercedes-Benz specialist confirmed the damage was caused by wear and tear from potholes, meaning two new springs at a cost of over £300.

Mr King said "Like many motorists I am unable to get that cost back from my insurance as it would affect my no-claims bonus, and that is worth more to me than £300.    The irony is of course it was only days ago I was addressing the media on the sorry state of Britain's roads"