Thursday, 28 February 2013

Model Year 13: Unlucky for some?

Model Year 13: Unlucky for some PA

Are you superstitious? Do you actively avoid black cats? Does your superstition extend to motoring? If so, you won't be tempted to purchase a car with the unlucky number 13 on the plates when the new MY13 registration arrives on 1st March.

With the new reg just around the corner, we spoke to some of the motor industry's leading experts about their expectations for luck-conscious car buyers. See what they had to say and don't forget to tell us via the comments section whether you have any spooky motoring superstitions.

Edmund King, AA president

"An AA Populus poll found 10% of drivers said they would not buy a car with 13 on the number plate. A third said a car with 13 on it would make it harder for them to sell. Personally I would love a new Aston Martin DB9 with 13 on it."

Craig Stevens, Auto Trader group director digital marketing

"Will the '13' plate damage sales? On the contrary, a '13' plate could be a collector's item, particularly in the cherished plate market for people called BO13

Jon Williams, Toyota president and managing director

"I do not believe the '13' plate will have an adverse effect on sales. For those who are superstitious they can easily transfer their current registration plate to their new car, take out a personal plate, or wait until September for the '63' plate."

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