Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Revealed: The £2.7 million a year box junction

Revealed: The £2.7 million/year box junction - and we get stuck in it

As anyone driving through the capital will know, yellow box junctions – areas of the road marked off with do-not-enter-me yellow lines – are a deadly sight.

Yes we're not supposed to stop in them, and yes we should be prepared to receive a fine if we stray into one for more than a few seconds, but what if councils are playing it cheeky: Constructing situations where motorists have no choice but to be fined?

That's the view of the Daily Mail with regards to one particular camera-covered junction, which they – and some motorists – claim has been set up as a "cash cow" for the local council.

The yellow box, which is located on the corner of Bagley Lane and New King's Road in Fulham, is surrounded by a selection of traffic lights that the Mail claims are timed incorrectly.

The "trap", as the paper calls it, involves one set of lights – the closest to the drivers heading north-east along New King's Road – turning green, while the second set – located a few car lengths after the box junction – turn red.

As drivers unwittingly pass through the first set, the second turn red: Thereby creating a queue of traffic and forcing some drivers to sit illegally in the yellow box.

So effective is the "trap" that the box reportedly generates over £2.7 million per year in revenue – or around £7,300 per day – for Hammersmith and Fulham council - be warned!!

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