Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fancy a 2012 Ferrari 458 supercar for £89k?


Fancy owning a 2012 Ferrari for less than the price of a brand new Porsche 911?

We thought that question would get you interested – a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia is currently listed on Auto Trader for a mere £88,875!

That's less than the sum of money Porsche would charge you for a shiny new 911 Carrera 4 3.8 PDK, and makes this particular 458 not only the cheapest right-hand drive example on the used car website, but also the cheapest Italia in the UK!

For £88,875, you'll get a 458 finished in a luscious shade of black and with a vast list of optional extras.

As just a taster, this 458 has carbon brakes, an "internal Carbon Fibre Racing package", sat nav, "Super Racing seats", and 20-inch forged dark painted wheels. Bought less than a year ago, the original owner forked out more than £208k for this piece of supercar exotica.

However, as you may have guessed, there is a snag... quite a big one in fact.


This 458 appears to have had rather a large accident. Damage has been caused to the entire front-end of the car, with the headlamps, front bumper, bonnet and front bumper crossmember all bearing the brunt of the collision. The driver's side extension leg is broken away too. There's also light damage to the rear bumper cover and the airbags have been deployed.

The dealer says the suspension, wheels and main tub are all "okay". The car "starts and drives around no problem" and has all the paperwork, service books, two remote keys and two tracker keys.


The dealer believes the total cost of parts will be just £8k due to the 458 enjoying a healthy supply of second-hand parts.

We have to say that with left-hand-drive 458s in good condition and with around 10k on their clocks fetching £140k, it would seem this particular car represents good value for money. But the question is, could you drive around in a repaired 458?

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