Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Unlucky for some: 13-reg plates go on sale

The DVLA has released the first 13-prefix number plates for sale today.
From March 1, 2013 through until August 31, 2013, all new cars registered will wear the number "13", signifying the year of registration.
There had been early hopes the DVLA would take the abnormal step of offering buyers the opportunity of avoiding so-called "unlucky" number plates, but these have been dashed with the DVLA confirming they are sticking with convention.

There is speculation the DVLA chose to stick with the conventional release format for other reasons than consistency, and cynics have noted the DVLA's recent price reductions as a possible bid to drum up extra sales from motorists desperate to banish the number "13" from their cars.

But some motorists aren't quite so superstitious, seeing the "unlucky" number as the ideal opportunity to get their dream plate. Taking "13" as the letter "B", endless possibilities become available, with plates such as AL13 ERT (Albert), RO13 ERT (Robert) and SU13 ARU (Subaru) amongst the many thousands of '13' plates made available for purchase through the DVLA website today.

It's no secret that the number 13 is shrouded in a reputation of bad luck; but as car number plates bearing the inauspicious number are released on pre-order, prior to the official launch in March, car dealers are questioning the potential effects that these plates could have on car sales.

Time will tell, but dealers across the UK will be hoping for sales to beat superstition when the new 13-plates become available in March 2013.

Would having 13 put you off buying a car?

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