Monday, 9 April 2012

Group Social Event - Jack The Ripper

On a warm Sunday evening in March a group of 49 intrepid travellers gathered at Grove Green. We boarded Peter's coach for a trip to London, on arrival we met Shaun our Blue Badge guide for the evening.

A quick coffee and comfort break and we were off, into the gathering gloom of the evening. Shaun explained the living conditions in London at the time (Autumn 1888) the difference between the wealthy City and just a street away the absolute poverty of the Whitechapel area. We moved from the City and into Whitechapel, at the site of every one of Jack the Ripper victims, Shaun stopped and told us the details of the victim, the horrific and gory details of what was done to each victim.

The last was near Petticoat Lane and we left there and rejoined Peter on the coach, on the journey to the Strand Shaun told of the numerous theories about Jack the Ripper and as we reached the Strand we all agreed it remains a mystery. Shaun took us all up to a private room in the pub and before leaving us made sure we were all being fed, a very nice meal which everyone enjoyed. Then back on the Peter's coach for the journey home, a very good evening which all 49 people enjoyed.

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