London traffic
The new Low Emission Zone requirements came into effect on 3 January, making London a no-go area for vans, minibuses and motor caravans older than a Y plate.

The Freight Transport Association is advising operators using vehicles over ten years old to avoid driving into London or they could end up having to pay a daily charge of £100 or a fine of £500.

The heavy fines will have to be paid if older vans etc do not comply with Euro 3 standard emission laws. To comply, businesses can get a particulate filter fitted, but exorbitant costs may force some small businesses to reconsider their transport methods.

A full filter can cost anywhere between £1800 to £3500 to buy for most vans and a further £200 and over to fit it the vehicle.

The filter will then need to be serviced each year, which could cost up to £200.

Transport for London gives operators a couple of choices, from buying a newer van or fleet, to converting vehicles to gas. Although, this will be of little relief and a number of businesses will enter 2012 worrying how to afford the new addition to their overheads.

To find out more about the Low Emission Zone, visit the TfL website.